Rickrolling the right way

Note: If you dont know what “rickrolling” is, please watch this explaination before reading this post.

We will create a rickroll link that is more advanced than simply sending this link in the chat.

At first, we open my fake redirection tool. This allows us to create the perfect rickroll link.

For the best illusion we need to come up with something, thats looks serious and our “enemie” would open. One example is news articles about a topic you discussed. You know your friend the best, so come up with a very cool idea.

Come up with a title and enter it in the path and title input. Be creative. Add a good catching description that does not tell everything, so your friend will click the link. If you want to use the link over a longer time period and want to add a fake date, for example the day one will see the link minus 3 days, just enter [[date -3 days]] somewhere in the text!

You will need a good image, so maybe just open google and search for an image. Copy the picture url (rightclick on image, “copy picture url”) and paste the link in the Image Url Input.

Halfway done: Now you need to enter the redirect url to the rickroll video. The official youtube video seems to be a good idea, but it does not have autoplay. You can leave out that field to redirect to a fullscreen youtube embed with autoplay that works only on some browser. A better way is to use a extern website, for example this website that supports autoplay.

If you want to be able to edit your link after creating you can optionally enter your email.

Now, click on create. Nice. Now copy the link, rickroll yourself to test it and have fun sending it to your contacts or twitter, discord, facebook, ….

This is what it could look like if you post the link on discord: