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  • Tools website

    Tools website

    A collection of tools i need often. Have a look at the fake redirection tool, it is funny to share fake links on social media! https://tools.darvin.de/fake-redirection/

  • “Notebook” style website

    “Notebook” style website

    The website design should look like an notebook and the text is intended to perfectly fit the lines. I started to build this website to create a very simple and lightweight platform for writing short stories. Demo https://story.darvin.de/ Github Have a look at the projects git repository if you are interested. Frontend The frontend uses…

  • Simple JS Chat Box

    Simple JS Chat Box

    Discontinued This chat website is no longer maintained. This is a simple Chat Box you can use on any website.It allows custom public rooms. Important: Public Chat Boxes are NOT meant to use for a good chat system. They are just a quick and fun way to communicate. How to use it Just copy the…

  • AntCheck: Ant shop comparison portal

    AntCheck: Ant shop comparison portal

    What is AntCheck? It is a comparison portal for many ant stores around the world. You get information about which store sells a certain ant species.Besides the website, there is also a handy Discord bot and an email notification system. What started out small has now grown into a very large project, but there is…