Simple JS Chat Box

This is a simple Chat Box you can use on any website.It allows custom rooms (which are public). Important: Public Chat Boxes are NOT meant to use for a good chat system. They are just a quick and fun way to communicate. How to use it Just copy the code below anywhere on your website. […] Read more

Rickrolling the right way

Note: If you dont know what “rickrolling” is, please watch this explaination before reading this post. We will create a rickroll link that is more advanced than simply sending this link in the chat. At first, we open my fake redirection tool. This allows us to create the perfect rickroll link. For the best illusion […] Read more

Fake Redirections

This is a website to create redirections. But if you post the link on twitter, discord, whatsapp, eg. the preview will show a custom “fake” title, image and description. The Server checks the user agent and decides if its from a server which generates previews for social media or if its from a user. If […] Read more

AntCheck (DE)

Hier kannst du dir das Projekt anschauen: Ameisen halten klingt bestimmt erstmal seltsam, aber dennoch gibt es sehr viele Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, die es fasziniert die Natur ins Haus zu holen. Was ist AntCheck? Es ist ein Vergleichsportal für viele Ameisenshops auf der ganzen Welt. Man erhält Informationen darüber, welcher Shop eine […] Read more

Add a darkmode/lightmode to your website (css & js)

The following tutorial works to add a darkmode to a light website or to add a lightmode to a already dark website.The main function is a css class in the body tag. We would like to set this via javascript and then design the darkmode or lightmode with this class via css. The following javascript […] Read more