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My newest posts:

  • “Notebook” style website
    The website design should look like an notebook and the text is intended to perfectly fit the lines. I started to build this website to create a very simple and lightweight platform for writing short stories. Demo https://story.darvin.de/ […]
  • Simple JS Chat Box
    This is a simple Chat Box you can use on any website.It allows custom rooms (which are public). Important: Public Chat Boxes are NOT meant to use for a good chat system. They are just a quick and […]
  • Rickrolling the right way
    Note: If you dont know what “rickrolling” is, please watch this explaination before reading this post. We will create a rickroll link that is more advanced than simply sending this link in the chat. At first, we open […]
  • Fake Redirections
    This is a website to create redirections. But if you post the link on twitter, discord, whatsapp, eg. the preview will show a custom “fake” title, image and description. The Server checks the user agent and decides if […]
  • AntCheck (DE)
    Hier kannst du dir das Projekt anschauen: https://antcheck.info/. Ameisen halten klingt bestimmt erstmal seltsam, aber dennoch gibt es sehr viele Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, die es fasziniert die Natur ins Haus zu holen. Was ist AntCheck? Es […]